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  Q: How do I connect?
    A: All you need is an IRC client of some sort. HexChat is a great free downloadable IRC client. If you'd rather use something in your browser, you can check out KiwiIRC.

  Q: How do I protect my nickname or create/login to an account on IRC?
    A: If you'd like to protect your nickname, you can register it with NickServ. To register your nickname, simply type in /msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email> but substituting your password and email in the blanks. Any time you connect, you can enter the command /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password> to log into your nickname.

  Q: Someone else is using my nickname! Can I stop them?
    A: If your nickname is registered with NickServ, you can issue the command /msg NickServ RECOVER <nickname> <password> to regain control of your nickname.

  Q: What other sort of commands are there?
    A: There's a general list of commands available here, and a more in-depth list available here.

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